Fire and Severe Weather Shutters

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Add A Strong Layer Of Protection To Help Prevent Fire And Smoke Damage

Whether it is a local fire in the neighborhood, or a large fire that is threatening your home, rollaway shutters can help protect your home and add a strong shield of fire protection over windows and doors. Fires always have a way of finding the weakest point in any home and windows and doors offer an easy access point.

California Wildfires Continue To Threaten Homes

As long as draught conditions remain in Southern California, we will live under the threat of wildfires.  While no quality shutters can guarantee that a home will not be harmed, our strong steel shutters are heat resistant and can help create a protective shield over those areas that are most prone to letting fires inside: doors and windows.

Additional Fire Protection for windows and doors during California Wind and Fire Storms

Windows and doors are often composed of highly flammable materials, like wood, or vinyl or PVC that does not stand up well to high heat. Window shutters can Block high winds, driving rain and flying debris to reduce the risk of damage to your home.

When Nature Throws A Firestorm At Southern California, Make Sure That Your Windows And Doors Are Ready

Whenever you hear of a wind or fire storm, just quickly slide your rolling shutters down to create an additional line of fire protection for doors and windows.  In addition to giving you the assurance of fire protection, should you ever need to evacuate, you can be confident that your home will be less likely to fall into the hands of looters.

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Hurricane Shutters

Why do we need Hurricane window shutters in Southern California? Because of their strength and durability. Hurricane Rolling shutters offer hurricane protection from driving winds and rain and are built to withstand up to 188 miles per hour! Many of our communities are located along the Southern California Coastline could benefit from the Hurricane window protection that hurrican shutters can provide.

When it comes to storm protection, our window hurricane shutters offer the most versatile protection. These shutters are multipurpose so our customers can count on getting value and plenty of use from their purchases. Not only do our roll down hurricane shutters provide protection from storms, but they can also deter burglars and help you conserve energy. When our rollershutters are properly in place, they provide a solid barrier between your home and its valuables and would-be burglars. The barrier also works to help shade a home and protect it from temperatures that are really high or low. Plywood just can’t do that!

Roll up hurricane shutters are the most popular, as the roll up into a coil at the top under a box cover. However, accordion hurricane shutters offer side to side operation and are used in custom applications.

Our hurricane shutters are tested and approved under the most demanding hurricane rating codes and are designed to meet a number of specific needs. When the Santa Ana winds blow, our rolling hurricane shutters will protect your windows, your possessions, your family and your budget.

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